About the device

the Display Panel there are four symbols on the display the brightness setting indication

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Before using this device you need to have full information about the product…

The Display Panel

There are four symbols on the display

  1. The brightness setting indicator shows you the level of brightness that you have selected. There are four settings to choose from.
  2. The battery charge symbol will show you how much battery life is left and will flash when the battery needs charging.
  3. The temperature indicator will only come on if the product has overheated. In this unlikely event the unit will cut out before using the device you need to have full information about the product. Symbol will flash until Breast light has cooled down sufficiently and it is ready again for use.
  4. The days since last used indicator shows how long ago you last used your Breast light. You may find this useful as a reminder as to calculate the number of days…

Batteries and power

Breast light is powered by a set of rechargeable batteries. Before the first use they will need to be charged for 4 hours – after that recharging is faster as per use.

If you are using the device with mains power please ensure the cables and power supply cannot get wet and take care not to trip over the cable.

The Light

Breast light uses skin detecting technology to safeguard that the light is only at full power when the lens is in contact with your skin. The skin sensor needs time to reset itself when you switch the Breast light screening device on, so wait for a couple of seconds before placing it against your skin.

Breast light emits light in a visible wavelength. This process is entirely secure and will not cause any impairment to your skin or breast tissue.

We advise you not to look directly into the light when it is at any of its bright settings. This will not cause any permanent damage but may cause a temporary dazzling effect.

Cleaning and care

Cleaning of the product is essential hygienically. The device may be cleaned using a dry tissue or slightly moist cloth.

Breast light is not a waterproof device so should be avoided for any contact with water…

Save the Environment

Do not throw the appliance away with the normal household waste at the end of its life but hand it to an official collection point for recycling. By doing this you will help to preserve the environment.

Always remove the battery before discarding the appliance Here are instructions on how to do this